Gau Guggal

Meet The Best Incense Product In The Market

Meet the most demanded product in the market “GAU GUGGAL”. Our Gau Guggal Incense Sticks are made from natural substances and pure blended fragrance oils. These sticks are widely used in temples and homes for worshiping purposes. Offered sticks spread fragrance in surroundings in just a few seconds making it mesmerizing and lively. They are filled with aromatic resins and contain no toxic substances that make them highly safe to use. These sticks are also demanded in yoga classes as they help in successful meditation with their sweet, soothing, and calm fragrance. Comes in moisture-proof packaging, these Gau Guggal Incense Sticks are checked on various quality parameters to ensure their Bio-degradable nature.

Gau Guggal Sticks Making Process:

Nature is so giving; it has given mankind innumerable valuable gifts, the cows are one of them. These cows are used for many purposes by humankind and we, Granth Incense Sticks, use organic materials for making gau guggal incense sticks. These organic materials collected are segregated, dried, and ground into powder. Other ingredients are added to the powder in the process of dough making. The dough is then rolled on the bamboo sticks, which are left for few hours for drying. The dried sticks are then dipped in essential oil and left again for drying. We also add colors in the process of making gau guggal incense sticks. Packaging is the last stage in the production process.